Ansys Maxwell tutorial sample projects

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سپتامبر 27, 2017
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سپتامبر 27, 2017

We try to simulate ANSYS MAXWELL projects here and if you need files or more consultancies you can contact me by or in Whatsapp and Telegram +989379371182

In this pages free videos will be displayed. like and comment on youtube page will be the best support ! thank you in advance

Ali Vakilian – YouTube

Contact info: whatsapp: +989379371182

In this video simulation of Chopped Current Control BLDC Simulation using Ansys Electronics (Maxwell) has been considered +989379371182

In the previous video we design a transformer. here we will simulate the designed model with Ansys Maxwell finite element method software. step by step simulation is described. I hope you enjoy it. if you had any comment write it down on comment part and I will

answer. for further information contact me by email or Whatsapp

contact info: whatsapp: +989379371182

In this video an induction motor has been simulated in “ansys maxwell” and for excitation with pwm inverter fed voltage “simplorer” is used. finite element method(FEM FEA) is the best way to analyze the rotational machines. in my youtube channel we will share our questions and experiences. you can ask your questions in the comments. I will answer ASAP.

Ansys maxwell is one of the best finite element softwares used to simulate electromagnetic project. here in this chanel we simulate some general and useful projects If there was any question or more help was needed you can contact me by or in Whatsapp and Telegram +989379371182

Ali Vakilian – YouTube

here you can download some of free samples

current transformer simulation using ansys maxwell

single phase universal motor simulation

Axial flux generator – 3D model in ansys maxwell

Transformer design- 3D model of 3 phase transformer in maxwell